In Case You Need Some Encouragement…

I have not hidden the fact that I struggle in the comparison department.  One of the biggest shame traps for me is comparing myself to others and to myself (my own typically unrealistic expectations for myself).  Because I recognize this and truly want to just stop doing it, I have been working hard to overcome this unhealthy habit.

I also have not hidden my faith in God and how He has walked alongside me throughout this journey to fight shame and be kinder to myself.  Well, in true God fashion, He keeps showing up to speak to me, encourage me, and help me grow.  He is faithful like that.  Case in point:  this message in my email inbox this morning.  If you can relate to my struggle and could stand a little encouragement today, take a few minutes to read what Rénee Swope has to say about feeling like you don’t measure up.  Her message spoke to me, and I pray it will speak to you as well.

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